Descope offers a versatile customer authentication and identity management platform, featuring intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. Our no/low-code CIAM solution empowers developers to effortlessly craft and personalize the entire user journey through visual workflows. From authentication and authorization to MFA and federation, Descope enables seamless customization. Additionally, our platform boasts a connector ecosystem comprising numerous third-party services catering to diverse needs such as identity verification, fraud prevention, risk-based authentication, and identity orchestration. Built on a scalable multi-tenant architecture with high availability, Descope is equipped to meet advanced enterprise requirements. Our customers leverage Descope to enhance user onboarding with passwordless authentication, bolster security through MFA and step-up controls, and streamline identity management across customer-facing applications. Established in 2022, Descope is supported by Lightspeed and GGV, and proudly affiliated with the FIDO Alliance.