TOKN represents a patented enterprise software platform that revolutionizes the process of connecting systems and expedites app development and deployment. It offers a secure and scalable enterprise mobility solution, empowering organizations to enhance workforce productivity by providing access to information, systems, and apps on mobile devices. TOKN operates as a cloud service, eliminating the need for installation and minimizing setup requirements, thus facilitating quick and hassle-free implementation for enterprises. Experience the power of TOKN and unlock new levels of efficiency and agility for your organization.
Shuffle Editor is an innovative content creation platform that streamlines the process of designing and publishing stunning digital content. With its intuitive interface and robust set of features, Shuffle Editor empowers users to bring their ideas to life with ease. Whether you're creating blog posts, social media graphics, or interactive presentations, Shuffle Editor provides the tools you need to craft professional-quality content in minutes. Stay ahead of the curve with Shuffle Editor and elevate your digital presence today.
RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, the cutting-edge cloud platform for seamless process integration and scalable business and workflow solutions. Engineered for high performance, DigitalSuite empowers companies to swiftly and securely build applications that bridge people, software, and devices. With DigitalSuite, companies can create end-to-end solutions boasting unified user experiences across various devices. Through comprehensive orchestration of enterprise applications and accelerated time-to-value, DigitalSuite facilitates a rapid, evolutionary approach to digital transformation and business innovation.
Refine, a versatile meta React framework designed to facilitate the rapid development of a diverse range of web applications. Whether you're building internal tools, admin panels, B2B apps, or dashboards, Refine serves as a comprehensive solution for crafting any type of CRUD application. Refine, a versatile meta React framework designed to facilitate the rapid development of a diverse range of web applications. Whether you're building internal tools, admin panels, B2B apps, or dashboards, Refine serves as a comprehensive solution for crafting any type of CRUD application.
Pellerex, an ecosystem comprising Standalone and Managed Foundations, APIs, and Live Services, designed to accelerate software development and transformation initiatives. Our comprehensive set of foundations expedites your time to market by several months, while our APIs enable you to focus on your product without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. The Enterprise edition allows deployment on your infrastructure, providing access to the entire stack and codebase for maximum customization and control. On the other hand, the Hub edition, managed by us, offers a multi-tenant environment where you can deploy your Apps and APIs, while we handle the underlying infrastructure and services.
Neutrinos is a comprehensive Multi-Experience Platform dedicated to assisting enterprises in achieving their business objectives by revolutionizing digital and in-person journeys for customers, employees, and citizens alike. Our approach encompasses a blend of pre-built experience-driven solutions and a robust low-code platform, enabling enterprises to swiftly develop applications on cutting-edge technologies. Whether it's enhancing customer interactions, streamlining employee workflows, or optimizing citizen services, Neutrinos provides the tools and solutions to drive innovation and achieve business success.
Monday Hero is an innovative platform that seamlessly converts Sketch and Adobe XD designs into Android and iOS code. With Monday Hero, you can effortlessly create components and generate fully-working UI designs as code, enhancing the efficiency and speed of your project development process. This transformative tool streamlines the translation of design concepts into functional code, allowing developers to bring their ideas to life with ease and precision.
Magic xpa is a leading low-code platform that empowers businesses to rapidly develop and deploy enterprise-grade applications across multiple platforms. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features, including drag-and-drop interface design, reusable components, and seamless integration with existing systems. With Magic xpa, organizations can accelerate the development process and bring innovative solutions to market faster, without sacrificing quality or scalability.
HCL Volt MX is a cutting-edge low-code application development platform designed to empower IT leaders and developers in swiftly delivering robust and visually appealing apps across various channels. It seamlessly combines the agility and simplicity of low-code development with a comprehensive suite of enterprise-grade backend services and integration capabilities. This enables organizations to streamline the entire application software development lifecycle, from conception to deployment, and effectively deliver web, native, wearable, and other applications in just a matter of weeks.
HCL Leap is a comprehensive digital experience platform (DXP) that empowers organizations to create and manage engaging digital experiences across web, mobile, and other channels. It offers a range of features and tools for content management, personalization, analytics, and more, enabling organizations to deliver relevant and personalized experiences to their customers, employees, and partners. HCL Leap is designed to support rapid development and deployment of digital experiences, helping organizations stay ahead in today's competitive digital landscape.
HCL Compass is an application lifecycle management (ALM) solution that helps organizations manage and streamline their software development processes. It provides a centralized platform for tracking and managing requirements, changes, issues, and releases throughout the software development lifecycle. HCL Compass offers features such as version control, workflow automation, reporting, and collaboration tools to enhance productivity and ensure project success. It is designed to support both agile and traditional software development methodologies, making it suitable for a wide range of organizations and industries. revolutionizes form automation with its intuitive low-code platform. Seamlessly integrating intelligent forms, workflows, and robust analytics, empowers users to accelerate development and achieve results swiftly through the power of low code. Unlock even more capabilities with formsflow Premium, our licensed version offering enhanced features for tackling complex problems and empowering departments with varied user roles. Premium users benefit from continuous product support, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. In addition to our software offerings, we provide custom consulting services, quick-start packages, training, and comprehensive product support to ensure your success every step of the way