Knack leads the way in the No-Code arena, boasting a decade-long legacy with over 5000 satisfied customers ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500 behemoths. Our mission is to empower everyday innovators to conquer critical business challenges effortlessly. With Knack’s user-friendly no-code platform and a network of expert builders at your disposal, teams can swiftly craft custom applications to streamline data collection, automate processes, and transition workflows to the digital realm. Knack makes it effortless for non-programmers to develop stunning, data-driven web applications. Data can be seamlessly imported from spreadsheets and converted into an online database, while intuitive tools such as search, forms, and tables facilitate the creation of web apps tailored to your data requirements. We offer specialized editions tailored to meet the stringent compliance standards of the Healthcare (HIPAA), Government (GovCloud), and SOC2 sectors