Visual LANSA

Visual LANSA is a comprehensive Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that empowers you to craft mobile, responsive web, or desktop applications compatible with various platforms—be it cloud (AWS, Azure) or on-premises (Windows, IBM i, Linux). With LANSA’s distinctive single-language approach, developers are liberated from concerns regarding browser, mobile, and server compatibility. Instead, they can dedicate their focus to application development, leveraging the simplicity of low-code when feasible and seamlessly integrating full-code business logic when necessary. Incorporating an integrated meta-data repository and a robust business rules engine, LANSA ensures data integrity and minimizes effort required for application development and support. LANSA also features an application framework that furnishes the architecture, infrastructure, and foundational code of a pre-built commercial business application. Its zero-code prototyping tool, complete with built-in security, navigation, and flexible searching capabilities, evolves from a ‘living’ prototype into a polished application as real components are seamlessly integrated. The framework delivers a desktop-style user experience within the browser, facilitating concurrent task management and effortless switching between tasks.